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Animal Farm Jeopardy


Become a Contestant

"I want to become a contestant."
To become a contestant on Animal Farm Jeopardy, one must schedule an appoitment and interview with us here on the Manor Farm so that we can assure that you are suitable to be in Comrade Napoleon's presence.

Please contact us via...

Phone: 1-800-AFJ-PLAY
Visit: Manor Farm (Open 7 days a week from 8 A.M.-4 P.M.

Due to the high demand, not all who sign up will be able to participate on the show. However, there are still tickets available if you want to be a part of our loyal audience.

Animal Farm Jeopardy is not responsible for any bruised egos. Please realize that Animal Farm Jeopardy is a very demanding game show teeming with difficult questions centered around various theological topics covered in Mr. Palmieri's junior honor classes. Our best recommendation for contestants is to get a good night sleep because you will need it.

Please realize that Comrade Napoleon has always and will always win because "Napoleon is always right." Our Comrade's high expectations will be met, and Squealer will do everything in his power to please Comrade Napoleon.

Any and all subordination will not be tolerated. Examples of subordination include insulting Napoleon, talking back at Napoleon, disobeying the Seven Commandments, and numerous other offenses. Offenses will be dealt with promptly and harshly by Comrade's well-trained army of guard dogs, so please act responsibly and remember that you are in Napoleon's presence.


© Animal Farm, March 18, 2010