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Animal Farm Jeopardy



Boxer Hail Napoleon! Snowball

Boxer is a hard working horse on Animal Farm. He works to maintain his standards of integrity and consistently shows a solid effort and a formidable determination when working. His downfall comes in his apparent lack of wisdom. Boxer is an easy animal to convince, especially when dealing with Napoleon, whom Boxer believes to be the savior of the farm. Because of this, Boxer follows Napoleonís every command and believes every lie that comes out of his mouth. A combination of his physical integrity and intellectual devotion to Napoleon and the Farm drive Boxer to his limit as he toils to the point of exhaustion, where Napoleon believes him to be of no further use. Boxer is then sent to the glue factory to be dispatched. Even with good intention and hard work, he was still the one to fall in the end.

Our great and noble leader Napoleon was a fair and just. He used trickery, extortion and bribery to get into power and to maintain this power. Napoleon, the smartest of all of the animals on the farm tricked the animals by changing the seven commandments to fit his need. His chasing of Snowball from the farm and his killing of the animals on the farm are a prime example of Snowballís evil being left behind on the farm and of Napoleonís great way of handling the situation. Also, his false promises that with the windmill built no animal would have to work never held true because of Snowballs frequent interruptions of work. Napoleon led a quiet and more laid back lifestyle as the last of the animals from the farm during the revolution slowly passed away. He has taken his well deserved break from organizing and leading after so many years of looking out for the other animals. Our Leader and Comrade Napoleon is only one who could have lead the animals through the early stages of life after the revolution.

Snowball was one of the most intelligent pigs on Manor Farm as well as a prized white boar, a role model for the other animals. But now he is an exile and Napoleon is to blame. Snowball thought he was doing what is best for the farm by making up the Seven Commandments and educating the other animals; while also being the one who drew up the plans for the windmill only to be eradicated by Napoleonís sadistic dogs. At this point in his life, he is wandering the countryside wondering where his idealistic plans for the farm went wrong.


© Animal Farm, March 18, 2010