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Animal Farm Jeopardy


Catholic Social Teaching Principles

CST Principles Meaningful Participation Stewardship

Common Good:
A lack of common good is evident at the end of Animal Farm. Major warned that it would not be beneficial for the animals to adopt human vices and they did. What began as a quest to establish a utopian existence for all became a utopia for the elite.

The inherent equal value of all human, or animal, life is evident with what happened to Boxer because Boxer gave all he had to the support of the farm. Even though he was not as smart as the other animals, Boxer proved to be one of the animals who was most willing to work.

Meaningful Participation:
Even though Snowball was ousted from the farm his policy of helping educate the animals should have been continued. The pigs also should have helped the animals work; but instead, they felt they were “more equal” and so much better than the other animals that they did not need to work.

Stewardship is evident in the novel when the animals work to build the windmill. It is designed so that it lessens damage to the environment and allow the animals more time for relaxation.

Squealer and the other pigs interfered in lower matters without a just cause. The song Beasts of England was truly the only link between the animals and the revolt that began their independence. Taking that song away demoralized the other animals and made them gradually forget the revolt.


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