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Animal Farm Jeopardy



Contributive Justice Justice Triangle Cooperative Justice

Contributive Justice-The individualís responsibility to the whole.
On Animal Farm, Boxer goes above and beyond to give all he can to Animal Farm. Therefore, he fulfills his responsibility to the whole by working as hard as he can. Meanwhile, Mollie fails to contribute on the farm showing a lack of contributive justice.

Cooperative Justice-People working together to accomplish the common good.
By working together, the animals are able to achieve a common good and obtain their independence during the Revolution. Also, Muriel helps Clover read the Seven Commandments showing Cooperative Justice because she works with Clover to allow her to understand the Seven Commandments.

Distributive Justice-The responsibility of the whole to the individual.
The pigs have a responsibility to distribute the food fairly and evenly; however, they keep the best food for themselves such as the apples and milk. This is a failure to carry out distributive justice.


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