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Animal Farm Jeopardy


Key Terms

Rebellion Socialization Whiskey

Civil Disobedience:
During the Rebellion, the animals resort to using violence to gain their independence, but this is not a form of civil disobedience because it was violent. However, the animals do combat against a force that conflicts with natural law. While Farmer Jones seems to be an ordinary farmer, the animals are suppressed, mistreated, and unable to move up in rank. Therefore, the animals were fighting for their freedom.

After one of the older dogs gives birth to multiple puppies, Napoleon kidnaps them and raises them himself. Acting as a parent for the dogs, it enables Napoleon to indoctrinate, to instill, his beliefs into the dogs. Ultimately, this results in the dogs growing up to be ferocious guard dogs that solely follow the commands of Napoleon. With his guard dogs, Napoleon is able to enforce his multitude of regulations across Animal Farm.

Mollie is reluctant to desert the human luxuries she loves, but her conscience tells her to accompany the other animals in their abstinence. What causes the conflict between her heart and her conscience? Socialization. With socialization, one is impressed with the beliefs of others. For Mollie, she initially decides to abandon her human luxuries since all of the other animals were doing it and she was afraid to be marginalized. Later, Mollie follows her heart and leaves the farm so that she can enjoy the human luxuries she once enjoyed again.

Vices are anything that harm, impede, or disrupt our relationship with God. Meanwhile, virtues are good habits that bring us closer to God. Unfortunately, the pigs gradually begin adopting more vices than virtues. For example, the pigs eventually become alcoholics as they order crates of whiskey.

Vocations are oneís calling in life. For Old Major, he envisions a Rebellion that will secure independence for the animals. Just prior to his death in Chapter One, Old Major shares his vision with the other animals, which enables the Rebellion to occur. Sharing his vision was Old Majorís calling in life.


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