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Animal Farm Jeopardy


Other Stories

Herbert Foster Mountains of the Moon Shooting an Elephant

Foster Portfolio:
In the Foster Portfolio, Herbert Foster is a stubborn old man who won’t even spend money to feed his children meat in order to keep playing the piano at his favorite bar. In Animal Farm the pigs also will not spend money for selfish reasons. The pigs spend all of their money on booze and luxuries for themselves while they starve their fellow animals.

Mountains of the Moon:
In Mountains of the Moon Stanley, the son, is criticized constantly by his father with words like “you’d make a good wife someday.” In Animal Farm Snowball was driven from the farm because Napoleon told everyone that he was working with Jones. Both of these characters are marginalized because neither fits into their societies. They are on the fringes of the social structure.

Shooting an Elephant:
In Shooting an Elephant, George Orwell is affected by peer pressure and as a result he kills the elephant. In Animal Farm the sheep change their song from “four legs good, two legs bad” to “four legs good, two legs better.” The sheep as well were affected by peer pressure. The pigs took the sheep aside until they started to chant the song the pigs taught them.

Tuskegee Case:
In the Tuskegee Case almost everyone in the class thought that the case study was morally wrong. The class came to the decision that it was morally wrong because of the circumstances. The act and the purpose were both good but the circumstances such as withholding medical treatment for these people is evil. In Animal Farm the pigs sell firewood to other farms in order to make money. The act and the purpose are good (to sell firewood for extra money) but the circumstances are morally wrong (they sell the wood to buy alcohol).

Twitchell Case:
Both Robyn Twitchell and the animals on Animal Farm are killed during their stories. A common thread between these deaths is that neither of them had any culpability in their deaths. The full autonomy fell onto other people to see if they would live or if they would die.


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